March 5,2012

I went to Main Canyon yesterday and was lucky enough to find Laramie and Gideon’s bands. They were close together so I just found myself a rock and sat with them. Beautiful day, gorgeous blue skies, no clouds, no breeze and temperatures in the upper 40’s to lower 50’s. Darn near perfect!

Most of the snow is gone, but still enough melting that the ground was pretty muddy in places. Lots of water in Jerry Creek, tiny shoots of green beginning to appear as well.

As I was sitting with these bands, just enjoying them, the sunshine, the silence and solitude, along came a flock of Mountain Bluebirds. They were such a deep, vivid blue! Absolutely gorgeous. Even the finches seemed brighter and more vivid. Could also hear chukkars too, but did not ever see them.

Laramie and his band were pretty photogenic, but Gideon has Fish in his band and she is not very friendly usually. So, not very good pictures of Gideon’s band. No matter, it was still great to see them and just share their company.

On the way out, I was lucky enough to spot 10 big horn sheep, thanks to a friend who told me where she had just seen them!  I stopped and sat and watched them for almost an hour. What a great experience that was. They ate, played, butted heads a few times (behind a bush where I couldn’t get a good picture though, darn it!) and just stood around. I love when they feel relaxed enough around me to eat and play without being too wary.

All in all, I would have to say it was a pretty special day. It’s not every day that the big horns show themselves and the birds fly in like they did. Definitely a day to remember.

Laramie's band. Laramie, Medicine Bow and Lady



Medicine Bow

Gideon's band. Gideon, Solo, and Fish




Mountain Bluebird

Desert Bighorn

Desert Bighorn

Desert Bighorn

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One Response to March 5,2012

  1. Cindy says:

    Always excited to read a new post!…..what a perfect day…… I can almost imagine being there myself ! (-:
    Talk to you soon!

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