Bachelor Antics

Oh what a day! It was warm and sunny with a bit of wind, but totally glorious!

Hiked to the potholes and was surprised to see a horse I hadn’t seen for a while and did not recognize right away. I thought it was Yuma, but someone else figured out that it was Rimrock!  That is what happens when you don’t see these horses all the time.  He was hanging out with Adobe and Briscoe. They were slowly grazing their way towards the potholes when Diamond Rio, Choca and Ajax appeared from the other side of the potholes. Things quickly escalated from there. Both groups met on the trail and there was so much squealing, stomping, pushing and shoving going on! Being in a canyon it sure echoed. They carried on for a bit and finally headed to water. It didn’t stop there though.  They still had the whole shoving, pushing, squealing, stomping and they added splashing to the mix. What fun to watch and hear! Even after they left you could hear them squealing in the distance.

Rimrock running from Choca and Ajax

the whole group. Briscoe, Choca, Adobe, Ajax, Rimrock and Diamond Rio

Bachelors in a chain reaction.

Race to the waterhole

Choca, Rimrock, Ajax

Still carrying on at the waterhole

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3 Responses to Bachelor Antics

  1. bcml12 says:

    This makes me smile! Yes, what a day……..

  2. RedWillow says:

    Billie, Love these all and how I have missed you. Thanks for finding me and so glad to find you!!!

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