Sounds like good news!

Here is a link that you should check out. Sounds like a win-win situation for all.

All the HMA’s in Colorado are getting a piece of this money! This would be a good time to sign up with your local BLM as a volunteer.  Get out there, help the land, help the horses and make yourself feel better too! People always ask, “what can I do to help”.  Well, here is a good way to help. No matter what your age or limitations, there is always something for you to do.  So come on everyone, let’s get out there and volunteer!

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2 Responses to Sounds like good news!

  1. Hi! I nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award. Go to the link below for more details!

  2. daniimarie says:

    I would love to see the LIttle Book Cliff herd- I live up in the Vail area, and will have to drive down to you guys sometime! I just adopted a little gelding from the Ft. Collins EMM event, my blog is all about him if you want to follow!

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