Bandit is one of our favorite horses on this range. He is loved by many across the whole world. He went off the range last winter and didn’t put himself back on as usually happens come spring. He was seen June 2, 2013 with his entire band which consists of 5 mares and his 3 year old son.  I was on the range on June 18 and saw three of his mares with another stallion and then on June 21 I saw the other two with a different stallion and his son was with the bachelors. No sign of Bandit. I haven’t given up hope yet. He may have been injured and is off “licking” his wounds and will come back soon. So, keep your fingers crossed that he appears soon!! Anyone who goes to the range, please keep on the lookout for him and if you see him PLEASE let me know.  Thank you.



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10 Responses to Bandit

  1. newenglandtravels says:

    Hope he is OK but we all know how nature works. So glad I got to see him on my last visit.

  2. I hope he turns up. Please keep us posted.

  3. Jo says:

    Did Bandit make a showing for 2014. He is a beauty. Sure would like to know how he is doing?

  4. Unfortunately Jo, he has not been seen

  5. Jo says:

    Thankyou for the reply. So sad.

  6. What an absolutely stunning horse!

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