The “D” boys

These two boys are going to be fun to watch as they grow. Both are so beautiful and “manly” already. Both were born last year and the photos are from last year. I have only seen one of them so far this year. I can’t wait to see them as young bachelors! Maybe they will even buddy up for a while!

Derecho is a black and white and Derringer is a deep, dark bay. Both have lots of “chrome” or white on them. Derringer has one blue eye. Very handsome horses.

Derecho was named for the awful winds we had last year. They were called Derecho winds. Hope he isn’t terrible and destructive like they were. He can be fast like the winds were! Below is the meaning of Derecho that I copied from the internet. It is pronounced “duh RAY cho”

a large fast-moving complex of thunderstorms with powerful straight-line winds that cause widespread destruction

Derringer was so named because of his sire. He comes from a line of “gun” names. His sire is Ruger, he has a brother named Winchester and had another brother named Remington. His grand sire was Gunsmoke. Running out of gun names now! HAhah

Derecho and his mom, Amaretto
Derringer with his mom, Sunny
Derringer and mom Sunny
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Lakota and Brownie – brothers

I have watched these two boys since they were born. Lakota has two mares, but there is another stallion, Brownie and his one mare that are always nearby. They are brothers and although they each have their own band, they are together and the mares intermingle. Interesting dynamics for sure.

Lakota, Metate, Ember
Brownie and Rowdy’s Girlfriend
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One of my favorites

As you know, I love the bays and this guy is no exception. He was a cute, funny little foal but he is all business now. He is at that age when love beckons and he is trying SO hard to get a mare. You can tell that he is a bit scarred up right now. He sure is persistent. He is dogging a band that has two stallions already and there are two more bachelors vying for the attention of the mares in the band. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out

Cimarron’s and Blazer’s band

This is the band that he is interested in and his interest doesn’t seem to waver. He has been in pursuit for months.

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Will he ever?

Will Toby EVER get his own band? I don’t know, he seems pretty content to be the satellite bachelor in the band. He is pretty mellow and doesn’t get too riled up. He is a go with the flow kind of guy. This is a rare photo of him with his head up, he usually has it buried, eating his way through life.

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Harmony was born a light buckskin, but quickly turned gray. Her mane is many shades of gray, her body is almost white and her tail has gray and red in it. She is quickly becoming a favorite for many people. She is just a beautiful little filly. She is a yearling. I am going to love watching her grow up.


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I’m a sucker for a bay

I’m a sucker for a bay, especially if they have that long, thick mane, forelock and tail. This girl fits the bill perfectly. She is a real beauty… least in my eyes. Just look at her! Isn’t she gorgeous!

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Concho is the only buckskin paint on this range. She is 23 years old this year. Still looks fantastic! Getting a little grizzled on the face, but that is about the only place she is showing her age at the moment.

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We currently have three grullas on the range. Interestingly, they are all mares and all related as well. Mystic is Coquette’s daughter and Coquette and Chablis are half sisters. All three reside in the North Soda area and Coquette and Mystic are in the same band

Chablis (13 year old mare)
Mystic (14 year old mare) and Coquette (20 year old mare)
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Logo boy

This is Azure. He is 10 years old now and is currently a bachelor. He is one of the more popular and recognizable horses on the range. He is also the horse that is the logo for Friends of the Mustangs. He is flashy and does like to pose. A real cover boy. Was probably a model in a former life. Don’t you just love his inward pointing ears. Adds character

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Bachelor boy

Here is Aussie, a 5 year old bachelor. He is still living in his natal band with his sire, sister, mother and great grandmother. Hope he leaves home soon and looks for his own band.

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