Good-bye 2019


Good-bye to 2019 and hello 2020. Last photo of a horse that I took in 2019. Can’t wait to get back out there and see how they did through the winter.

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Quincy (8)

Why do some stallions leave the family band at 2 (or younger) and others never leave!  This handsome fellow is still with his mama. What a big baby!  The band stallion doesn’t seem to mind and this boy does act as a satellite stallion to the band. I have seen him run with other bachelors for a day or two, but then right back to mama he goes! He is starting to kind of separate himself a bit since they picked up another mare this summer past. Maybe he will take the new mare and form his own band! Did I mention that he is soon to be 6!

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Bling (6)

I am beyond impressed with this young stallion. He became a band stallion, with two mares and a yearling filly, at the age of 3. That is pretty young to be a band stallion. Sometimes stallions will pick up a mare at this age, but they don’t keep them very long. This guy has been a band stallion all summer long. He keeps his mares in one of the remote areas and there are only a few other stallions in the area. Smart boy AND he is big too, so that probably helps.

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Adobe's band (54)

This is Adobe and his band.

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Good-Bye, Forever Free

Sadly, we say good-bye to these four handsome fellows.  The only one we know for sure what happened to is Merlot.  He sustained an injury a few years ago, but was getting around…..sort of.  He got progressively worse and was finally seen in an area we could get to, so he was euthanized.

The other three were seen last fall, but no sightings either in person or on the game cameras at all this year.

So, forever free…..Merlot, Sparks, Durango and Dash.

Dash – 10 year old band stallion, lost his mares last fall

Dash (2)

Durango, 19 year old band stallion. His mares showed up with another stallion this spring

Durango (2)

Merlot, 7 year old bachelor stallion. Euthanized.

Merlot (11)

Sparks, 6 year old bachelor

Sparks (26)


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Tundra and LaserTundra reminds us not to take things too seriously. Laser, however, does not seem amused

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Boys just having fun. Running for the sheer joy it gives them, and they look mighty fine doing it too!

Cypress (4)Cypress, Kokomo, Bling, TundraBlazer (2)

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