New blood

Every so often we try to introduce “new blood” to the range to help with genetic diversity. Tonkawa is one of our “introduced” mares. She came to us from a gather in Wyoming. Little did we know that we got a two for one deal. She was pregnant when she arrived and so her foal, Tundra, was born here. I think we got a pretty good deal with these two.



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Rare treasure

Traveler is a rarity among wild horses….at least here in Colorado. It seems that Appaloosa horses are few and far between. We are lucky to have him here. A very handsome fellow and always a pleasure to visit with.

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Roans from summer to winter

Roans are interesting horses. Their color varies from summer to winter. Below are two different roans, a blue or black roan (Azure) and a red or bay roan (Sonoma).

Azure in his summer coat

azure (8) (1)

Azure in his winter coatazure (39) (1)

Sonoma in her summer coatsonoma (2)

Sonoma in her winter coatsonoma

Sometimes it takes a bit to recognize who these horses are!

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Eye Candy

This stallion and his mares are so sleek and shiny and the stallion (Brumby) is such a tank!

Brumby- Band stallion

Brumby (32)

Mystery Paint-Lead mare

Mystery Paint (1)

Destiny and Bramble

Destiny and Bramble (8)


Aussie (10)

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Fantasy and Reality

Most people, when they think of wild horses, think of them as racing across grass filled fields or fighting one another


When in reality, they are more likely doing this

Raven, Tacoma, Misty (1)

Or even more likely


While there are times they are running across fields or through the trees or even fighting, most of the time they are just calm, lazy creatures.

Enjoy them in all their glory, no matter what they are doing.

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Bevy of Beauties

img_6320Beautiful ladies….Butterscotch, Cloud and Chrome. All of them are getting older, but still beautiful.

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Sid’s Band

Sid and his band is one of the more elusive bands in the Little Book Cliffs.  Here you can see him doing what a good band stallion should do. He is standing between the perceived threat (me) and his band so they can run away from the danger.  He is such a gorgeous stallion and his mares are beautiful as well. His band consists of Sid, Ashes, Ragtail’s Mare, Sioux and Koda.

Sid's band

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