Fantasy and Reality

Most people, when they think of wild horses, think of them as racing across grass filled fields or fighting one another


When in reality, they are more likely doing this

Raven, Tacoma, Misty (1)

Or even more likely


While there are times they are running across fields or through the trees or even fighting, most of the time they are just calm, lazy creatures.

Enjoy them in all their glory, no matter what they are doing.

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Bevy of Beauties

img_6320Beautiful ladies….Butterscotch, Cloud and Chrome. All of them are getting older, but still beautiful.

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Sid’s Band

Sid and his band is one of the more elusive bands in the Little Book Cliffs.  Here you can see him doing what a good band stallion should do. He is standing between the perceived threat (me) and his band so they can run away from the danger.  He is such a gorgeous stallion and his mares are beautiful as well. His band consists of Sid, Ashes, Ragtail’s Mare, Sioux and Koda.

Sid's band

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2018 recap

I haven’t been on here for a while, so thought I would do a quick post.

Well another year is coming to a close.  We had 21 new foals born and one of those disappeared.   There were a few adult horses that disappeared as well, so our new total is 139 horses. We had a gather and took off 55 horses. The plan is for two separate adoptions and the first 27 were successfully adopted!  The next bunch will be up for adoption in spring 2019.  I hope that adoption will be as successful as this last one was.

The drought really affected our range this year. Water sources were very low and some non-existent and the grasses were just drying up and not growing at all.  I hope that by taking off the 55 horses it will allow the others to survive the winter. We did get some good rain this fall and then some nice weather.  That helped the grass a little.  Now, we just need lots of moisture from now through the spring!

Below are just a few of the horses that will be available in the spring.The black horse in the first photo will not be available. He will stay on the range to keep our genetics going.

Cimarron, RoperSunshine (5)Zipper and Nightshade

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Bandit is one of our favorite horses on this range. He is loved by many across the whole world. He went off the range last winter and didn’t put himself back on as usually happens come spring. He was seen June 2, 2013 with his entire band which consists of 5 mares and his 3 year old son.  I was on the range on June 18 and saw three of his mares with another stallion and then on June 21 I saw the other two with a different stallion and his son was with the bachelors. No sign of Bandit. I haven’t given up hope yet. He may have been injured and is off “licking” his wounds and will come back soon. So, keep your fingers crossed that he appears soon!! Anyone who goes to the range, please keep on the lookout for him and if you see him PLEASE let me know.  Thank you.



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New blog I found about a young lady who just adopted a mustang from the Extreme Mustang Makeover. Give it a read.

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Sounds like good news!

Here is a link that you should check out. Sounds like a win-win situation for all.

All the HMA’s in Colorado are getting a piece of this money! This would be a good time to sign up with your local BLM as a volunteer.  Get out there, help the land, help the horses and make yourself feel better too! People always ask, “what can I do to help”.  Well, here is a good way to help. No matter what your age or limitations, there is always something for you to do.  So come on everyone, let’s get out there and volunteer!

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