Flirty girl

This is Sioux and she is so beautiful, but a bit of a flirt too it seems

This was taken when she was a yearling

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Let me introduce you to Drummer. Drummer was born in 2008 to Butterscotch and Ringo (hence his name 😀). He is a charismatic, laid back, handsome stallion with beautiful, rich coloring. He is usually in the Round Mountain area, but has made an appearance in the lower canyons at one time.

Drummer as a foal with his dam Butterscotch
Ringo, his sire
Drummer as a yearling
Just before he became a bachelor (2011)
Living the bachelor life (2012)
2013 – His first mare. Unfortunately, she was removed in the gather that year
2014 – Didn’t take him long to gather up a few more mares
2020- This is his band at last sighting.
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Choca- One of a kind

Choca as a foal in 2008
Choca all grown up

This is Choca. There are no other Dun horses of this particular coloring on this range. He is one of a kind

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Deja vu

I hope I can get to the upper ranges soon. In the meantime… are some more older photos. This is all about Deja vu. She is a beautiful black mare that was born in the North Soda area. During the 2013 gather, it was decided to move her to another area to help with the genetics. Sadly, she has never produced a foal. Her sire was the amazing, gorgeous, attitude filled, Challenger and her dam is Wild Eyes. Challenger is gone now but Wild Eyes still resides in North Soda..Deja vu is now with the band stallion Adobe and his mares.

Deja vu as a foal in 2008
Deja vu as a yearling
Her family band – Wild Eyes (her dam), Deja vu, Challenger (her sire) and her brother Lance is in the back.
Adobe, her current band stallion
Deja vu’s band mates
Deja vu in 2020.
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This is Phoenix. Her mother is Sahara who was born sorrel and soon “varnished” out to a roan. Her sire is either Crockett or Acorn. I have always leaned toward Crockett, but will never know for sure. Phoenix was also born sorrel and quickly changed to a varnish roan. Phoenix was born in 2016 and has one foal.

Phoenix and Sahara (her dam). Their face marks are very similar. This is also how Sahara looked as a foal
Sahara, Phoenix and Crockett (one of her possible sires)
Acorn – one of her possible sires
Phoenix in 2017, just beginning to show her varnish
Phoenix in 2020
Phoenix with her 2020 foal, Tucson

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Two of a Kind


The Little Book Cliffs can boast that it has appaloosa horses. Currently there are only two that have a blanket. There have been others that started with a blanket but they did not keep it, they “varnished out”. The blanket faded and they now look like roan horses.

Above, we have Pharaoh and Traveler, the only two blanketed appys we have. Wonder if there will be any this spring! Pharaoh is a young bachelor stallion and Traveler is an older established band stallion

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Derecho is one of our 2020 foals and he is definitely an unforgettable one. His markings are so unusual for the horses we have and what a looker he is! Derecho got his name because we wanted to remember the year. Derecho means a ” line of intense, widespread, and fast-moving windstorms and sometimes thunderstorms that moves across a great distance and is characterized by damaging winds.” We had those winds and some horrifying wildfires as well. I wonder if he will live up to his name! I hope he isn’t a “damaging” force, but I bet he blows in and out like a storm!

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Young upstart

Blazer on the far left with his new girls

Cimarron used to have a band of six mares, then along came the young upstart Blazer. Blazer was five when he won the whole band from Cimarron (age 14). At first Blazer just hung around the edges, then he started asserting himself more and more until finally Cimarron was the one hanging on the edge. By the end of the summer Cimarron was no longer hanging around at all. He was off on his own or with other bachelors. Blazer had finally won control. That is a lot of mares for this young boy, but he has done very well with it.

Sometimes difficult to see the older stallions pushed out, but so exciting to see the youngsters finally coming into their own.

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Go big or go home!

Sioux, Koda, Ragtail’s Mare, Ashes

I had wondered if Quincy would ever leave his family band and go off with the bachelors. Well, he never did. He stayed with his family band until late summer and then BAM! he took over a band of four mares. Way to go big guy! Go big or go home I guess. His dam and her stallion still hang nearby, but they are definitely two separate bands.

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Adobe’s band

Band Stallion Adobe
Adobe’s band

One of our larger bands. Lots of palominos in this group

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